what love feels like

          You want photographs that capture the wonder and excitement of pregnancy, the sweetly unique details of your baby,
          and above all, beautiful imagery that documents what love feels like.

          I am an artist who specializes in motherhood photography.

          I am passionate about creating images that capture love and deep feeling.

          My inspiration comes from my own journey into motherhood
          and the five darling babies I’m raising up with my husband.

          Like you, I want nothing more than for my children to know how much I loved them and to leave them a legacy of images that chronicle the story of their lives.




          “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.
          What you have captured is forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

          Aaron Siskund


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          Connect With Me

          Send me an Email and we can get to know one another! I want to know why it's important to you that we capture this time in your lives and what you want your images to make you feel.

          Document Your Love

          This is a time in your life that's new and magical. I'd love to document your love in a pure, authentic way, creating timeless and meaningful portraits. Sessions are tailored to you and designed to make it a relaxing experience.

          Preserve Your Story

          As a mother, I understand your desire to display your imagery in your home and in albums to preserve your childs legacy and I know it can be a lot to do on your own. I have carefully selected beautiful heirloom quality products for you so that when you go home, you have the digital images as well as tangible products that you can share with loved ones for generations.


          Parenthood brings us into an entirely new realm. A place where days flow into nights, sleep seems elusive and our heart stretches bigger than we ever imagined. It’s a time in our lives when people remind us to ‘slow down and savour every moment’. As cliche as it may be, it’s a heartfelt sentiment from every parent whose children have grown up in the blink of an eye. Alongside the new title of Mother, we carry the title of Memory Keeper. It is from the hearts of our mothers that we learn the stories of our birth, our childhood, our lives. And it is through my lens that I document the details. That perfect dimple, that flaky newborn skin, the way you felt when you breathed in that newborn scent, the pride in a fathers eyes. Your stories and my images chronicle the beginning of your child's life. Turn this moment into a memory that will last forever with your beautiful images preserved in heirloom quality prints and albums.
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          ABOUT CCP


          Founded by Tamsen Donker in 2009, Creative Clicks Photography emerged from a desire to photograph beautiful moments and create lasting legacies. Her imagery shows a passion for documenting motherhood with authenticity, love and emotion, born from her own experiences as a mother.
          Extensive professional training combined with her experience raising 5 babies of her own have given her the title of
          ‘baby whisperer’ among her clients.

          Today, Tamsen works out of her light and airy home studio, photographing mamas and babies, turning beautiful memories into tangible pieces of artwork to cherish for generations to come.

          mother gently strokes her baby forehead as photographer captures the moment