What to Wear {Niagara Baby, Child and Family Photographer}

Lately we have been enjoying super hot and somewhat muggy weather. For this time of year, I would definitely recommend wearing light, breezy clothing that you feel comfortable in. This combination of dresses, skirts, loose tops and shorts all help in creating a fashionable, pulled together look while also allowing you to stay cool! This […]

What to Wear {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

Another post on What to Wear! As summer approaches and the family sessions become more plentiful, I get more and more E-mails “What should we wear?!”. These guides are so helpful in giving a basic idea of how to pull outfits together for the kids and parents, boys and girls. Best of all, all of […]

What to Wear {Niagara Photographers}

Oops, almost forgot to post this month’s What to Wear Inspiration!