{Niagara Newborn Photographer} Carys’ Preview | Fresh Life

One of my all time favorite angles of any newborn… their side profile. That same side profile that you see in your ultrasound during pregnancy. Over the next few months you’ll find yourself staring at this image, analyzing it to see who baby might look like, what features he or she will carry on from […]


{Niagara Newborn Photographers} Deacan’s Preview | Fresh Life

This baby is more than just a small, squishy, snuffly bundle of love. This baby is the result of years of hoping, dreaming and praying. It can be a long and difficult road at times but at the end of the journey, when THIS is placed in your arms, oh the joy! When this tiny […]


{Niagara Newborn Baby Photographers} Quinn’s Preview | Fresh Life

“You are somebody’s reason to smile” – Unknown