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{Niagara Newborn Photographer} Constance’s Preview

This beautiful baby girl has a special heart. Already she and her parents have been through so much- more than any newborn should have to experience. I know from the time I’ve spent with her parents that she is in good hands, that she will be loved and cared for and fought for. Their love […]

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{Niagara Newborn Photographer} Violet

Two years ago I met a sweet family when they brought in their newborn son, a teeny tiny little dark haired boy. You can see just what a tiny little bundle he was here. Now he has grown into a blonde haired toddler and become¬†a big brother to Violet. Violet was a perfect little doll […]

beautiful 5 month old smiling baby picture

{Niagara Baby Photographer} Naomi’s Preview

This beautiful baby girl came in to the studio at 5 months to capture an image similar to that of her three older siblings. All of them have one special portrait at the exact same age and their momma is doing an awesome job at creating a beautiful gallery wall of her sweet babies! I […]