Natural light outdoors maternity portraits couple

Trish | Full of Life {Niagara Maternity Photographer}

Waiting. Anticipating. A new life, fully formed within her womb. Her first child- a boy. And when he takes his first breath, what joy he will bring!

The Essence of Me | Personal Life {Niagara Photographer}

I love design- in fact, all design calls out to me in ways I can’t explain. I am not necessarily good at any of it, but I am drawn to wonderful branding, fabulous logos, interior design and fashion, even landscaping. To feed my addiction, I spend a lot a fair amount of time on Pinterest […]

Elena | Full of Life {Niagara Maternity Portraits}

So to continue from this post, here are some images of our second model Elena. Now Elena literally had a 7 lb, 10 oz baby hidden in that TINY baby bump. When we photographed her, she was about 37 weeks if my memory serves me right. I couldn’t get over it! We had to do […]