{Niagara Newborn Baby Photographer} Trenton | Fresh Life

Meet Trenton, the 4th beautiful child of my daughters (grade 2) teacher from last year. Rachel did such an amazing job with Kyara, paying special attention to her and her needs and it soothed my protective mama’s heart. I felt compelled to offer a newborn session in exchange for the hours and hours of time […]

Me & Mine | 7/12 {Niagara Infant Photographer}

You will forever be my always. We promised each other a long time ago ‘Forever and For Always’. The words inscribed in your ring will never fade from our hearts. I love you! This month I asked Kyara, my oldest, to photograph us together for the ‘Me & Mine’ post, which was fun for her […]

Me and Mine | 10/13 {Niagara Baby Photographer}

Bedtime routine. Either Daddy or Mummy (or both) in one of the girls beds with all three kiddos- vying for space, reading books, making memories. Precious memories. p.s. this was shot with available light only… which happens to be one single chandelier lightbulb as the girls requested that all the other bulbs be ‘turned off’. […]