Newborn Sleeping Professional Photography

Capreece | Fresh Life {St Catharines Newborn Photographer}

Ahh, sweet Capreece! With all that chub (she was born at 9 lbs, 5 oz!) and fantastic black hair, she was just a photographers dream. She slept through the majority of our session, despite her mom saying it was never going to happen! I have tricks I tell ya! 😉 Isn’t she fantastically beautiful?! Funny […]

Me & Mine | 7/13 {Niagara Children’s Photographer}

So at the very last minute I get a picture of Me & Mine… my sweet daughter Kyara graduated last night from Kindergarten. She looked SOOO pretty and was on top of the world! Unfortunately, by the time we got home she was also just about to crash from the huge sugar high that is […]

Me and Mine | 6/13 {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

Woohoo! I’ve made it through half the year without missing a month! Although last months was admittedly a bit of a cop-out. Anyways, this image was taken the day we attempted to take pictures of all 5 grandkids for Grandma for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately for Grandma, the attempt was just that. Apparently the kids just […]