{Niagara Newborn Baby Photographer} Lincoln Community Midwives

I will never, ever call myself a commercial photographer. Somehow, photographing static rooms with reflective glass frames just doesn’t evoke within me the same sense of excitement that I feel when a newborn baby comes into my studio. However, I’m sharing these images with you today because so many of you helped me to select […]


{Niagara Newborn Photographer} Never stop learning…

I never loved school outside of the social aspect and art class. . . I didn’t attend college because I couldn’t imagine devoting any more years of my life to a desk and homework. But when you have a passion, a true love for something, learning no longer feels like a drag. I LOVE that […]

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Celebrating Women | A Giveaway {Niagara Photographers}

This month we are celebrating some amazing local businesswomen here on my blog. Women who work hard at turning their passion into successful businesses inspire me! Each of these wonderful women have offered to donate a prize, with ALL the prizes going to one very fortunate woman! Read through all the prizes listed below and […]