{Niagara Baby Photographer} Avery | Fresh Life

Sweet Avery came to visit my Niagara, ON studio at 9 weeks old. Born 5 weeks early, her mother hadn’t had time to think about a newborn session and quickly got in with a local new photographer. Sadly, the results were not what she hoped for and so she found me in her search for […]


{Niagara Baby Photographer} Lia | Fresh Life

Lia’s mother contacted me late in 2014, expressing her sincere regret at not having had her daughter’s pictures taken as a newborn. She hadn’t realized the need to schedule a session with a photographer prior to her birth and so she was feeling a little panicked that her infant daughter was growing and changing so […]


{Niagara Newborn Baby Photographer} Trenton | Fresh Life

Meet Trenton, the 4th beautiful child of my daughters (grade 2) teacher from last year. Rachel did such an amazing job with Kyara, paying special attention to her and her needs and it soothed my protective mama’s heart. I felt compelled to offer a newborn session in exchange for the hours and hours of time […]