{Niagara Newborn Baby Photographer} Lincoln Community Midwives

I will never, ever call myself a commercial photographer. Somehow, photographing static rooms with reflective glass frames just doesn’t evoke within me the same sense of excitement that I feel when a newborn baby comes into my studio. However, I’m sharing these images with you today because so many of you helped me to select […]

Smiling baby girl wrapped in cream wearing bow tieback

Ezrah – Part One | Fresh Life {Niagara Newborn Photography}

‘Never in my life have I seen a more perfect combination of pieces’ – Tyler Knott Gregson Beautiful Ezrah Lee visited my studio at 6 days old and we enjoyed an amazing session together. It was peaceful and quiet and I was able to snuggle my new niece to my hearts content and just fall […]

Sweet Baby Luke | Fresh Life {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

Sweet, squishy and so, so adorable. I absolutely loved my time photographing Luke and snuggling with him. What a little munch! He was so kind as to not do any of his business on me or on my blankets- he saved all of that for his mom and dad! There are some great outtakes from […]