Me & Mine | 8/12 {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

Wow. August has been crazy. Is August crazy for everyone? Because it’s crazy for me every single year. Just on one side of my family, there are 14 birthdays I believe. I keep counting and recounting and I’m pretty sure- 14 birthdays in 6 weeks time. Three of those birthdays are Greg’s (25th), Eden’s (28th) […]

Natural light outdoors maternity portraits couple

Trish | Full of Life {Niagara Maternity Photographer}

Waiting. Anticipating. A new life, fully formed within her womb. Her first child- a boy. And when he takes his first breath, what joy he will bring!

Celebrating Women | A Winner! {Niagara Baby Photographer}

This past month we celebrated some amazing local businesswomen and gave everyone a chance to win an incredible prize lot worth over $1000! I’m so excited that the giveaway was a huge hit, and the response was overwhelmingly positive! The giveaway found its way to the local newspapers, which you can read HERE. With such […]