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{Niagara Newborn Photographer} Constance’s Preview

This beautiful baby girl has a special heart. Already she and her parents have been through so much- more than any newborn should have to experience. I know from the time I’ve spent with her parents that she is in good hands, that she will be loved and cared for and fought for. Their love […]

beautiful baby girl sleeping on mommy niagara baby photographer

Together {Niagara Baby Photographer}

I first met this sweet duo at their Santa portrait session and Jennifer later contacted me, saying she loved working with me and she really wanted to get some portraits of them together. Jennifer is just loving this stage they are in now and she really wanted to spend some time with me to document their […]

beautiful mother sister and baby portrait niagara baby photographer

{Niagara Baby Photography} Adrianna

Sweet baby Adrianna has been earthside 5 weeks now and came into the studio to capture a few images with her momma and big sister Waverly. While she would not sleep a wink for us unless she was held, she was awfully cute and we created some beautiful imagery for this family to enjoy and look […]