Project 12 March {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

This image was taken while on a walk on a beautiful warm Saturday. The first walk of 2011. We were so happy the snow was gone and that finally, spring was here! Today however, the snow has not stopped falling and we are in a white winter wonderland all over again! Ontario’s weather is always […]

Spring is in the air! What to Wear {Niagara Family Photographer}

I am so excited for Spring this year! Every morning my daughter looks out the window and asks me if Spring is here- and I can hardly wait till the day I can say yes! (although she thinks we will be having a new baby in Spring thanks to some Franklin books, lol). I am […]

Project 12- February {Niagara Family Photographer}

Soooo, late already huh?! Four weeks pass incredibly fast! Before I knew it, my calendar was already telling me that I needed to post my next image for Project 12 and I had nothing. The weather here has been cold, rainy and windy, which means we can only be indoors for family shots. Plus Greg […]