mommy snuggling her newborn baby boy

{Niagara Baby Photographer} Theo

Outside, the light was softly filtering through the clouds. Inside the warm studio, whispered words and lullabies danced through the room. Quiet, hushed moments were interspersed with playful chatter and a serenade on guitar by big sister Grace. Baby Theo was wrapped up so warm and snuggly, his cheeks so deliciously full that they were […]

daddy holding baby in his outstretched hands

{Niagara Newborn Photographer} Michaela

Every newborn session is different since each family is unique and each baby leads the session differently. It’s important to me as a photographer to document my subjects in a way that allows them to feel comfortable, thereby allowing me to capture authentic moments. When I photograph my clients, I gently guide them into position […]


{Niagara Newborn Photographers} Isaac’s Preview

This morning I photographed this beautiful family as they welcomed their third baby boy. Each boy had similarities as newborns and yet they are all so different. Elijah had those chubby little cheeks and Ezra was (and still is) a little tiny peanut. Baby Isaac most resembles Ezra but he has a darker skin tone […]