What to Wear {Niagara Infant Photographer}

From personal experience, I can say that putting together outfits for a group of people is NOT easy. With our little family of five, there are so many things to consider- coloring, comfort, style and co-ordination without being too matchy. It takes a special talent to put together perfect combinations of clothing that makes everyone […]

Project 12 June {Niagara Baby Photographer}

I am telling you- if I hadn’t made this a public project on my blog the first month, it would have failed by month #3…maybe even month #2. How does a month go by so quickly? It seems like we have to carefully plan when we are going to do these family pictures. I imagined […]

Urban spring mini-sessions {Niagara Family Photography}

Yay! Time to announce the spring special! If you’d like to book one or have a question, feel free to E-mail me at info@creativeclicksphotography.com or use the Contact Me form.