{Niagara Maternity Photographer} Miranda | Full of Life

Gorgeous golden sunlight peeking over the evergreens, warm air blowing across the vineyard, quiet whispers and soft laughter – these were the ingredients to this magical session. Stephen and Miranda have this incredible ability to get lost in each other, even with others present. After so many years together, they laugh and love and look into each others eyes and it’s as if they just fell in love yesterday. It is an honor to be a part of this moment in their lives. Thank you for trusting me to create this imagery for you to remember it by.

Expectant couple in their backyard at sunset

Maternity session in the couples backyard, quiet tender moments

Sunset maternity session in the vineyard

One Comment on “{Niagara Maternity Photographer} Miranda | Full of Life

  1. You captured great connection Tamsen! This couple must be so excited awaiting their newest little member 🙂

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