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My sweet niece Raya…I was SO looking forward to meeting her and she made us wait so long! But she made the wait worthwhile by being absolutely adorable. Her session did not go as usual for me-because she decided at only 5 days old to sleep 7 hours straight the night before and her mommy loved it. But that meant she was NOT interested in sleeping for her session!¬† Since she’s family she got to stay for lunch and we tried again in the afternoon with much better luck. Introducing darling Raya!

Babies who won’t sleep like to wave their arms around, eat their fists and make lots of funny faces…which made for a lot of laughs during the pictures with her mommy and daddy. Not my typical stuff, but hey, Jordan had to go to work and some images are better than nothing right?!

Daddy with Newborn Baby

Newborn Family Pictures

Newborn with Mom

Newborn Baby Portraits

Newborn Sleeping Posed Photography

I don’t usually use tutus in my photography but Maggie makes and sells these, and so this was the perfect opportunity for us to get some cute shots for her! I love how they turned out!

Niagara Professional Portraits

Newborn Baby Photography Niagara

Newborn Baby Photography

Niagara Newborn Portrait Photography

Black and White Newborn Photography

Award Winning Newborn Photography Niagara

Smiling Newborn Photography


9 Comments on “Raya | Fresh Life {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

  1. Looks like she did want to have her photo taken after all. Hope they have a ton of wall space in their home to display these gorgeous works of art!!

  2. So, so beautiful! I’m so glad she decided to sleep for you, definitely worth the wait to get those shots!

  3. Oh Tamsen, these are absolutely darling. So glad she was able to stay for lunch cuz you captured some adorable smirks while she napped.

  4. Far out, Tamsen! Beautiful as ever. What a gorgeous little girl. I’m beginning to understand how your work is so much more than work! Any chance you will be here next January/February?? Would make for a good working/holiday! Love your work :)

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