Project 12 | August {Niagara Infant, Child and Family Photographer}

We went on vacation as a family the first week of August- heading up to Chesley Lake Camp with my Mum’s entire side of the family. It’s always a good time, and this year was even better now that we had a new cottage. As long as I can remember, we shared a cottage with a bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins, and then moved to a little tiny shack cottage by the water. We loved the location, but the cottage left a LOT to be desired! The owners rebuilt in the same spot, and the new cottage is to.die.for. We felt like we were in a resort the whole time, and there was plenty of room for our family of 14! I meant to get a family picture all week long, but we were SO relaxed, and having so much fun, that we just never found the time. We did get this quick shot at Harrison Park on our way home.

Casual Family Portraits Grimsby Photographer

I had one Saturday this month where I hadn’t booked anything, so we took advantage and went up to Niagara Falls for the afternoon. Pretty much the entire time was spent waiting in line to get on the Maid of the Mist. I had never been on before, and neither had Greg, so we were excited! It was an hour long wait. baking in the sun, with kids climbing over us, and people glaring at our huge stroller but we enjoyed the ride and the kids LOVED it! Of course, I had never seen the falls so close before, and it blew me away! God’s creation is so amazing!

Niagara Family and Child Photographer

3 Comments on “Project 12 | August {Niagara Infant, Child and Family Photographer}

  1. i love these tamsen! the baby is getting so big! we are off tonight to take our august pic! :)

  2. awesome! glad you were able to have a family day and a relaxing vacay!

  3. love these two photos! you are such a perfect little family :) miss you all so much!! xx

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