“Every time we show friends and family the beautiful images of our baby girl proudly displayed in our front entrance, we explain the magical family time we had with Tamsen at her studio. The  experience the day of the shoot was just as special for our new little family as the pictures themselves. Tamsen’s love for children, family and photography was apparent as she carefully positioned our baby and her eyes lit up when she knew that the essence of our baby’s little personality had been captured. Our day was full of love and peace and we now have spectacular images to share forever thanks to Tamsen.”
★★★★★ Mark, Danielle and Helaina Weddepohl

“I was thrilled with the newborn pictures that Tamsen took of my little girl Bree. Even though she was a little bigger than what Tamsen usually takes for newborn, she managed to get great shots of her and even managed to get a couple of amazing pictures of my uncooperative 2 year old son with his little sister. I would recommend Tamsen in a heartbeat to anyone!! We will treasure these images for years to come.”
★★★★★ Mary Hepburn Millar

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tamsen 2x now, both being newborn shoots. She’s amazing! Not only is her work absolutely beautiful, but she does a great job capturing the perfect images. She pays close attention to details. She handles your loved one with such grace. Her images always turn out better then my expectations. She has a variety of packages and images to choose from. She is great at listening to your wants and your input and does a great job to tailor the pictures to your overall expectations. I would highly recommend her to anybody! She is a very talented newborn photographer.”
★★★★★Janine Van Raay

“I was extremely lucky that Tamsen was able to photograph my newborn daughter a few months ago. I inquired into newborn photography very late into my pregnancy and had no idea of what I was looking for and Tamsen was very helpful about suggesting poses and props for the shoot. While in her studio I was absolutely amazed with her skills. I was so nervous my daughter would be difficult to work with but it was obvious Tamsen has had hours of practice with little ones. I was surprised at how efficiently she captured the perfect photos. It was an amazing experience all around and I have been doing nothing but boasting about her work ever since. I look forward to going back to Tamsen in the future for more family photos!!”
★★★★★ Jenna Arsenault

“Tamsen is a fantastic photographer. Extremely professional and knows exactly how to get the perfect shot of newborns. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for the best newborn (or other) photos. Awesome job!”
★★★★★ Jessica Bartels

“Tamsen is an incredibly talented, creative photographer whose passion for her work shows in every photo she takes. She is able to capture the moments and personalities of her subjects beautifully. We’ve had her a few times and was never disappointed. Tamsen was full of ideas and suggestions and ensured my pictures came out the way I envisioned them. She was very professional and was very prompt in answering any questions I had. I would recommend her highly.”
★★★★★ Lindsey Horsman

“I really don’t know where to begin. Tamsen’s creativity surpasses my ability to sum it up in a few words… but I’ll try. I have had the pleasure of having Tamsen as my photographer four times. Each time she ceases to amaze me (maternity shoot, newborn shoot, cake smash and Christmas demi session). I am left without words. I have cried. She captures my love for my family.. my baby… my love in the moment… she captures it… just as I feel it. It is truly a God given gift… which I have told her multiple times in my many thankful emails I have written. When you want quality, when you cant afford to be disappointed in capturing the miracle of your child’s newborn wrinkles… the love filled tired mommy eyes… the smash of the first birthday cake… Creative Clicks is who you chose… without a doubt. You’re not only paying for her expertise, you are paying for her love of the job and the art of photography (which she sees through her lens with the same amount of love and clarity as I feel in my heart). After four times… I have yet to be disappointed and the thought of using her again in the future excites me!!”
★★★★★ Jenn Krah

“Tamsen was able to pull together a last-minute shoot for my newborn baby boy and I couldn’t be happier with the results.She was fun to work with, incredibly patient (when my little guy resisted sleeping and peed twice…yes twice…on her sets),and the photos are beautiful. I recommend her very highly and will definitely go to her again for any future photography needs.”
★★★★★ Brianne Pozzobon

“Tamsen is an amazingly talented photographer and incredibly sweet and kind. She was able to capture some fantastic shots of my son and myself. I still get tears in my eyes when I look at the beautiful shots and my family tells me the same thing. These photographs marked a new beginning in my life and she did a magnificent job in capturing this moment in my life. Everyone I show the pictures to asks me who took these pictures. I definitely recommend her to everyone!”
★★★★★ Nancy Deslauriers

“Tamsen (Creative Clicks) is a very talented photographer. I am absolutely in LOVE with the prints she captured of my brand new baby girl. She handles babies so well, and kept my little girl happy and content for the whole shoot! She is a true professional, and an incredible baby handler. She also is VERY helpful when you have any questions. An amazing, beautiful artist. Thank you SOOOO much!”
★★★★★ Jen Peter and Taylre

If you’d like more information or would like to schedule a session, please contact Tamsen here.