Peyton | Exploring Life {Niagara Baby Photographer}

When Peyton came to my studio to get her six month portraits she was*just* shy of 7 months and already crawling and trying to stand up! She was super busy practicing her new skills during our session but we managed to distract her with lots of singing and dancing just long enough to get some cute shots of her. This is Peyton’s 3rd session with me, if you count her Mama’s maternity session. You can see her newborn session here.

Six month professional session

I’m a sucker for adorable cryers…and this little one is really good at making you feel terrible when she cries!!! How cute is that face?!?

Professional Baby Photographer Niagara

Niagara Baby Photographer

The image below I cropped three different ways, but I am just drawn to the negative space in this one…I love it!

Niagara Professional Baby Photographers

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  1. I love crying shots too, they are so real and adorable! I agree, the negative space is a fun twist!

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