The Key To My Heart | Personal Life {Niagara Child Photographer}

On Sunday you turned three years old. My baby.

Three is going to be an adventure, I can tell. After being the most angelic baby for your first year, you found your voice and you developed your personality quite quickly. Two was…to put it nicely…interesting.

You are feisty, spirited, sweet, independent.

You love your ‘widdle brudder’, your ‘boy’ and torture him with your love, hugs, and kisses.

You adore your older sister, and can’t be anywhere without missing her.

You love your blankie.

You are fickle with your love. One day you’ll love something/someone SO much, and the next day you will tell them you don’t love them at all. But never blankie, blankie is the only one who lasts through your ups and downs. Anytime your feelings are hurt, or you’ve gotten an owie, blankie is your best friend.

You still love to cuddle, which Daddy and I love.

You adore anything princess, but always have scrapes on your knees and bumps and bruises. I think maybe if you didn’t have such a girlie sister and Mumma, you could have been a tomboy.

You love ballet and I can’t wait to see you this year at your first recital!

You are amazing at playing on your own. Hours upon hours can go by and you are in your own little world, setting tables for babies, dressing up, reading books. This past year I stopped putting you down for naps because it was easier to have you up and playing happily.

You have a mischievous grin that stops my heart.

You can make a whole room light up with that grin.

I love you baby girl and I am so thankful God gave you to me.

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19 Comments on “The Key To My Heart | Personal Life {Niagara Child Photographer}

  1. I love how well you described her. The images are gorgeous and I love her sense of fashion. Happy birthday!!!

  2. She is so adorable! Love your words to her… she will cherish those and these photos :)

  3. Such sweet words about your baby girl! She looks adorable in that black and white. How cute is she :)

  4. love it…and her….fiesty is the perfect word….and lovely! love you eden-pie!

  5. **SOB** :(
    love this Tam. I miss her so much. :( Really good idea to write about her, it will be so neat for her to read when she’s 18. xx

  6. You must have so much fun photographing your adorable family! Love her sassy little outfit!

  7. It’s true- they grow so fast :( Images and video are constantly reminding me that yes, they were little at one point…and man were they ever cute! lol And they keep getting cuter and more fun!

  8. Happy Birthday Eden! I can’t believe she’s three!

  9. Awww, I love it Tam! She is beautiful, and I can’t believe she (or Evan!) is three. Time is going way too fast. Great pics! Thanks for the reminder to get out there and take some 3 year pics of Evan … I am so bad about taking them of my own kids!!

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