What to Wear {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

Another post on What to Wear! As summer approaches and the family sessions become more plentiful, I get more and more E-mails “What should we wear?!”. These guides are so helpful in giving a basic idea of how to pull outfits together for the kids and parents, boys and girls. Best of all, all of these items can currently be found in our stores at affordable prices! Neutrals with a pop of color is always beautiful, and easy to accomplish when you pull the colors from a favorite piece.

Niagara Newborn Photographer

What to Wear {Niagara Family Photography}

This issue of What to Wear is bright and colorful! Perfect for the fun loving family 🙂

These colors would really pop in any location, whether a park or a beach. I love the tropical feel of the little girls dress.

Niagara Family Photography

What to Wear {Niagara Family Photography}

Finally- the weather is warming up and I am starting to feel like I can safely put all the winter stuff away! I have been looking out my bedroom doors every morning, watching for the first blooms of my magnolia tree, and checking on the little eggs a bird decided to lay in the sill of our door. I can hardly wait until the simple days of bare feet outside, sitting in the sun in the backyard, barbeques… yum!

In the meantime- here’s another What to Wear inspiration guide. While all the guides do show some pretty styling shoes to go along with the outfits, I am always game for bare feet during your session as well. After all, this weather doesn’t last that long- let’s squeeze out every moment we can!

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