Pure of Heart {Niagara Childrens Photographer}

The end of last year was crazy busy for me, trying to wrap up all my client work as well as prepping for Christmas before having a baby. Somehow in the busyness, my sweet daughter missed out on her special birthday session. I felt really, truly awful, but I had to recognize that I just can’t do it all and sometimes, things like this need to wait. In the New Year I was photographing some special items for my sister (shout out to Baby in Vogue, her gorgeous Etsy shop!) and Kyara modeled some pieces for us. I just adore the resulting images and wanted to share them here with you, as well as a note to her. One day I hope to collect all the birthday posts I do for my babies, and give them to them in an album.

Kyara, you embody the term ‘pure of heart’.

You are a kind, sweet, loving, thoughtful and empathetic soul.

You love to make others happy, even if it means not having something you want.

You are a Daddy’s girl, but always come to Mumma when you’re hurt.

You are motherly, yet surprisingly, not bossy.

You are emotional and imaginative.

You are beautiful, inside and out.

You are smart and funny.

You are loved.

On your sixth birthday, you wanted nothing more than to be home with your family and your very best friends. It was so beautiful to watch your face light up with joy throughout the day, to hear you giggling uncontrollably, to listen to you praying to the LORD with heartfelt thankfulness before bed. We are so blessed that we can call you our daughter! XO Daddy and Mumma

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Love You {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

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I’m thinking of all the special people in my life today, especially as I’m so far from home. Miss you, love you… Happy Valentines Day!

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Renewed | Personal Life {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

There comes a time (or two) in everyone’s life when some personal down time is needed- time for reflection, relaxation, looking inward, re-evaluating one’s life. Who am I? What is my purpose in this life? Am I following the path God has given me or am I forging ahead with my own plans and forgetting His? Focusing on the beauty around us, slowing down, living in the moment, treasuring each moment, each breath. In a world of social media, Pinterest projects, business aspirations, hopes and dreams, children and bills, we can lose ourselves, lose sight of our journey here on this earth and forget our task. But the birds… the animals He created… they live in the moment – free, uninhibited, praising Him in their beauty. This time – the two minutes and 32 seconds I spent watching this – has reminded me of my path. I hope you enjoy it as I did.