{Niagara Newborn Photographer} Finding a deeper meaning

This past January marked 5 years in business for me, and I was feeling a little tired of my then-current branding. I’d outgrown what it was, and was ready to move into something¬† a little more ‘me’. A brand that truly meant something to me, spoke to who I was and better represented my business. I was very fortunate to have an incredibly talented designer in my corner and we spent a lot of time talking about colors, meanings, fonts and web design. For the past three months or so, it has been an ongoing process to get this brand to what you now see today. And I couldn’t be more excited to unveil it to you!

When it came to my brand, I’ve always been hesitant to use something simple or obvious as an element in my logo. However, I did have a long checklist of likes and dislikes. I wanted a clean and classic look, but with a trendy feel. I absolutely didn’t want anything someone else might have… It had to be original. It had to have deep, significant meaning to me. I did not want anything obvious like a camera, baby, tree or heart. The very first concept presented to me absolutely took my breath away but it didn’t work for me as a very good friend already uses a similar symbol. And so a long and intense thought process began. What you now see as a crown emblem above my logo represents quite a few things to me. The crown represents my God, Father in heaven. He is the KING and the foundation of my life. The little ones I am blessed to photograph are each his children, princes and princesses. The 5 points represent my loves- Greg, Kyara, Eden, Kingston and Zion. The diamond shapes are an awesome graphic element, done in watercolor to create softness. But there is more meaning to this single element. The crown shape is also surprisingly similar to the shape of an opening magnolia bud. In our backyard we have a gorgeous magnolia tree that shows its incredible beauty to us each spring. And so this single shape also reminds me of our home, waking up to the blossoming tree covering our bedroom window and breathing in that fragrant scent through the windows.¬† Each spring it blooms, bringing with it new life. And again, the circle closes, as it reminds me of the new life I am so fortunate to photograph.

The brand colors and the watercolor element are not just a happy coincidence. In everything brought to my branding, there HAD to be a meaning behind it. The colors are all found at the beach, in the water, the sand and the sunset. The gold of the crown reminds me of the glorious light I love to photograph in the few hours before sunset. As one of my favorite places to photograph and a reminder of my childhood growing up along the coast of Australia, this rounded out my overall brand. Coming to this conclusion was absolutely thrilling. It was perfect!


Many thanks to my wonderful, amazing, patient and hard working friend who tirelessly worked with me to create this brand and my web presence. Although we have never had the pleasure of meeting in person, you inspire me in so many ways. I’m forever indebted to you, not just for this, but for your wonderful friendship. XO

Eden is Five | Personal Life {Niagara Photographer}

Audrey Hepburn once said “Happy girls are the prettiest” and I do believe she is right. A smile like this one will brighten any day. And today is a special day, because Eden is five. No longer my baby, but a little girl, preparing for Kindergarten next week. She’s excited and ready, and I am not.

Eden is and always has been, a joy to have at home. She spends hours and hours playing with little princess figurines, Barbies, dress-up clothes and ponies. She creates imaginary worlds and stories out loud and hearing her sweet voice from the playroom always gives me this little pain in my heart- simultaneously happy and sad. Sad because she won’t always be so little and so innocent and she’s growing up too fast! She loves puzzles and board games, coloring and painting but most of all, she loves her family. There is never a shortage of love from Eden. She adores her little brother and sister and showers them with hugs and kisses each day. Her big sister is her hero, and Eden sticks right by her side everywhere they go. And she loves her Lord as well. Every other line in her personal prayers is “and we LOVE you Lord, we just love you so much!” How blessed we are to know and love this beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday Eden! We love you more than you could ever dream…

five year old girl wearing crochet and flower dress

Portraits of five year old girl

Beautiful five year old girl looking out the window

Five year old girl dancing in studio

Beautiful girl portraits

Five year old girl in crochet and floral chiffon dress sitting in chair



Our Journey | Personal Life {Niagara Photographer}

Dear Greg,

Eight years ago we embarked on a journey together… one that we thought we were prepared for and took on with great excitement. Like all new travelers, we made mistakes, took wrong turns, got lost and got in arguments. There were many curves in the road and hills to climb. But when it felt like too much, when it felt too hard, I only had to look to my side and you were there, holding my hand. And from the tops of the hills we have seen the most incredible views. You have supported me, loved me, guided me and shown me so many beautiful things in this world. You showed me the importance of relaxing, clearing my mind, focusing on God and His will for our life together. You are not the boy I was head over heels for as a 20 year old bride. You are now a man, the father of my children, my guide, my best friend. Together we have weathered the storms and we have seen the sun coming out from behind the clouds, the rainbows reminding us of God’s promises. Our children have been blessings in our lives that we could never have imagined, and watching you with them fills my heart with such pride and immense joy. I am blessed to call you my husband and I’m thankful for the years, the moments and the memories that we’ve had together. If this is what the first 8 years brings, I can only imagine the joys we will experience throughout the rest of our years together, God willing. Happy Anniversary my love.

couple in field in California

These are just a few of my favorite images from our session two years ago, celebrating our six year anniversary in California. See more of Jules Trandem’s gorgeous work HERE.