{Niagara Child Photographer} Kyara | 9 years

Now that we’re halfway through March I find myself desperate to catch up on things that have fallen to the wayside. Editing and blogging personal pictures are the first thing to go when life gets busy, and since most of my kids are born in the busiest season of all (late fall, early winter) I find myself doing this each year… straggling. However, no matter how late it is, it’s better than no images, better than no letter at all. And so here we go.

My darling firstborn. How is it that you can be so much like me and yet we fight such a bitter fight? I look at you and see a reflection of myself, and I want so badly to help you through life. I can see you will struggle with many of the things I battled against and I want to protect you from all of those hurts. I want to wrap you up in a bubble, to give you a protective layer against every unkind word. You have a sweet, sensitive, caring and giving heart… and already it is learning to grow callous as you deal with rejection and pain. Growing up is so hard, especially as a sensitive girl. I pray every day that you will hold onto that sweet and caring heart, but that you will be strong enough to stand up for yourself as well. I pray that you will grow confident and always feel comfortable just being yourself. I pray that you will have wonderful friends who remain by your side your whole life long. I pray that you will always love God and that you turn to Him in every situation. Life is not always easy baby girl. I hope you always feel like you can talk to me but when you can’t, when it’s just too hard, talk to Him. He’ll always be there for you. Love, Mumma

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{Niagara Child Photographer} Kingston | Exploring Life

It begins when you first find out, it grows as those flutters inside turn to kicks and rolls, and it blows up a million times more the first time you hold that baby in your arms. Love. It’s a powerful thing. And I’ve got nothing but love for this boy. He’s brought a completely new aspect to mothering after two little girls. He lights up my life with that sparkle in his eyes and the perfect cheeky grin. Watching his long eyelashes flutter as he dreams during our afternoon naps (even at 5 years old!) completely melts my heart. Truthfully, I was scared to become a mother to a boy after only knowing baby girls, but oh man, he has made this an amazing journey. Happy go lucky, easy as can be since day one. This year was a big year of change for him (and me) as he finally went off to Kindergarten a few days a week. He was ready, I was not, but the day came anyway and I only cried a few times. I so miss my little buddy at home, but at least with part time Kindergarten we can ease into this school thing slowly. No longer my baby boy, he’s really grown into an independent little boy and I couldn’t be prouder of him!

Thanks for this fun adventure buddy! I loved exploring with you, even after the sun set, trekking through the mud, throwing sticks and doing all kinds of things the girls would hate! You’ve shown me all the joys of being mum to a boy and I thank God for you. Happy 5th Birthday!



{Niagara Photographers} Eden Pie | Exploring Life

Eden Peden Pumpkin Pie… For someone who doesn’t like nicknames for my children, I sure gave you an interesting one! One that started out as¬† a silly rhyme and became Eden Pie over time, as your siblings picked up on it. That was when you were a wee baby, but now here we are, and you’re suddenly 7 years old and no one is allowed to call you that anymore because it’s too ‘silly’. You saw my face and you knew, with your tender little heart, that seeing you grow up and announce your independence in this way had just broken my Mumma heart. So a new rule was declared. Now Mumma and Daddy are the only ones allowed to call you Eden Pie, and secretly, I’m okay with that. It’s a nickname that I will forever hold in my heart. It will always bring back memories of a time when there were just three littles around my feet and you were all so small and innocent. Mothering is no easy task but it provides a greater joy than any other job on earth. And you, you make it easy. You love to read and color and play and create. You can most often be found alone, playing quietly, singing or talking to your toys, using your imagination. Watching you like this never fails to make me smile. I pray that you will always, always have such a sweet, tender and giving heart. I pray you will always keep your joy and zest for life. You are able to truly let go, to be in the moment, to LIVE. You have a gift for sharing that with others as well. I love you my sweet girl, my little Eden Pie.