The Cherry Orchard {Grimsby Child Photographer}

Driving past a cherry orchard in Grimsby a few weeks ago, Kyara asked me- ‘what are all those people doing Mudder?’ (I LOVE that she calls me Mudder <3) I thought I would take them to the orchard one evening and let them pick some for themselves. We went quickly one evening after dinner- just the girls. They absolutely LOVED picking the cherries from the branches, and I loved their expressions, giggles, and excitement over each new discovery! I brought along a few things from my (chaotic) prop room, and when they were done picking the fruit, they took a little break and enjoyed some Coke (just a tiny bit- I don’t normally allow them to drink it!) It was such a fun, beautiful evening and there were some amazing memories made. Although life with kids may be absolutely crazy and challenging at times- I just adore having these little people around to keep the smiles on my face! We made sure to hit up McD’s for ice cream as well- a perfect end to the evening!

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Californ-i-a {Niagara Baby Photographer}

Sorry for the dorky title- I can’t think of that state in any other way, but pronounced in those syllables! Anyways, here’s a quick play by play of our (hubby and I) trip to California the first week of June.

It was an amazing time, we had perfect weather and we enjoyed pretty much every second of the week! I photographed everything with my point and shoot- no dragging a large bag around full of equipment, or making Greg wait for me to get the perfect shot…we’ve done that on vacation before and while I enjoy getting those amazing shots, this was all about us and relaxing. (Besides, I never would have dared to hang my good camera out the side of a moving convertible!)

We arrived in San Diego at midnight (I passed the time editing a wedding on the plane) and headed to Hollywood that morning after a couple hours of rest. We drove along the coast the whole way and it was so beautiful! Greg convinced me to upgrade the rental car to a convertible- Mitsubishi Spyder- and it was SO worth it! Instead of being squished in a little Aveo, we enjoyed the time we were traveling and got to tan (burn) at the same time! Plus the hubby was over the moon, so that made it even more enjoyable. Hollywood was not as exciting as we thought it might be. We’re not into movies/tv enough that we cared to go to any of the tourist attractions, the traffic was pretty crappy, and we had no intentions of shopping there. I think the part we liked the best was seeing the Hollywood sign and hiking up the path for a great view over the city! I’m really glad we did that, now I can cross one more place off my list ; ) Seeing the Michael Jackson look-a-like was pretty cool though- he was very realistic! And if you’re ever in Hollywood, definitely eat at Go Burger! Yum!

our trip to San Diego 1

We drove up the coast back to San Diego the next day, stopped to do some shopping at the gorgeous shops (drool) and that evening we enjoyed a portrait session together photographed by the incredible Jules Trandem, a San Diego photographer (you can see them on her blog, leave her some love!). It was great to meet Jules, who I have known online for a while now…(see her in the bottom right corner). It was so fun to have that done together, minus the kids! A lot less stress – and I’m glad we have some of the two of us for our kids to look back on years from now (when they will surely laugh at my skinny jeans!) It’s our 6th anniversary this Saturday, so this was our present to ourselves. The following day we took it easy, listened to a sermon in our hotel room, went to the beach, biked around La Jolla and sat by our hotel pool.

collage of pics from our trip to San Diego

On our last day in San Diego, I took part in an amazing workshop by Baby as Art, and Greg golfed all day. No pictures of golf, but I do have one that I have edited so far from the workshop…I’ll be sure to post more when I am able to get to them!

newborn black and white photograph

It was really amazing trip and I have to say THANK YOU to my amazing mother, father and siblings who took care/entertained my three children the whole time! We owe you big time! xoxo

Leaving on a jet plane… {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

I am going to be out of my office (ok, fine, my kitchen, haha) from June 2 until June 7 and will return all calls and E-mails as soon as possible.

I am so excited to be heading out to California with my hubby! We’re going to be doing some sightseeing, shopping, and spending time on the beach but the reason we are headed there is really so that I can participate in a newborn workshop with the incredible Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall of Baby as Art. These two girls have revolutionized the newborn photography industry and their newborn photography is the very best in the world! I am beyond excited to spend one-on-one time with them and learn more about posing, processing and the business side of things as well! I will definitely be sharing pictures and all the fun stuff on my return!

Can’t post without a picture- here are a few of my gorgeous princess, being a wonderful model for me!

Niagara Newborn Photographer