Project 12 | November {Grimsby Family Photographer}

I am still desperately trying to complete this project. And by desperate I mean that this (crappy) shot was taken at 8 pm on November 30th. We were tucking the kids into bed when I remembered and Greg was so not excited (but then again he’s usually not! lol This project has not won him over- yet!) I had all of three minutes to get everyone set up and get the shot before the tired meltdowns began. The image needed some serious help and this is as good as it’s going to get. I had much higher hopes for this shot- lots of yummy bokeh and cute reflections, but oh well. Sometimes you gotta just let go 🙂 And at least I still got the shot in the month of November!

Family Reflection in Christmas Ornamentf3.5  |  ss 1/80  |  ISO 5000  | 24-70 2.8

Five | Personal Life {Grimsby Child Photographer}

Five. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow I will be the mother to a five year old.  It feels like you have always been a part of our lives, and yet five years is such a short time to be on this earth. In that time you have grown from a {very} bald little blue eyed baby to this sweet, adorable little girl. No more baby, no more toddler… you’re a little girl now. At five years old you are quick to help out in the home or with your siblings. You are a second mother to Eden and Kingston, you adore your Daddy, and all things pink, purple, sparkly, princess and ballet. You are a girl through and through! This year as you headed off to Kindergarten, it really struck me how much you’ve grown. It hurts to let you go, (I am so afraid that you might experience pain in any form and I want to protect you from everything) but in doing so I have seen you blossom even more. I am so proud of you little one. I’m thankful to hear of your faith in the LORD, and I’m thankful that He blessed us with you. Happy birthday Kyara~ Mumma loves you so much!

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p.s. thanks for always being Mumma’s little poser. It’s nice to have someone who enjoys being in front of the camera! xo