{Niagara Baby Photographer} Quinn

Anyone who knows me, knows my struggle – I have constant baby fever. I am not bothered by the night time feeds, the constant holding, by the dirty diapers or the extra laundry- it’s all so worth it to hold those sweet babies in my arms. If it weren’t for the fact that I also have to find the time to raise my older children, I would just keep praying for as many babies as God would give me! I love their smell and I adore the way they nuzzle up against your cheek when they’re hungry. So, so good. But- if I can’t have them all, at least I can snuggle them during their time with me in my studio!

I’m constantly amazed at how each baby is created completely unique, unlike any other one in the world. It makes photographing them new each time- finding their special details,¬† photographing their sweet little profiles. And I love seeing how the parents interact with their baby- some are nervous and unsure, some full of confidence, some are very relaxed and laid back. And every one of them is head over heels in love. That’s just what babies do to you. They make you fall in love. And I get to photograph that love. What a wonderful thing that is.

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{Niagara Baby Photographer} Theo

Outside, the light was softly filtering through the clouds. Inside the warm studio, whispered words and lullabies danced through the room. Quiet, hushed moments were interspersed with playful chatter and a serenade on guitar by big sister Grace. Baby Theo was wrapped up so warm and snuggly, his cheeks so deliciously full that they were kissed over and over. A beautiful little girl made them parents just over two years ago (see her newborn session here) and now they welcome a handsome baby boy, with dreams of adopting another little one someday. This beautiful family is richly blessed with love and happiness, fulls hands and overflowing hearts.

theo-niagara-newborn-photographer_0066 theo-niagara-newborn-photographer_0067 theo-niagara-newborn-photographer_0068 theo-niagara-newborn-photographer_0069

{Niagara Newborn Photographer} Michaela

Every newborn session is different since each family is unique and each baby leads the session differently. It’s important to me as a photographer to document my subjects in a way that allows them to feel comfortable, thereby allowing me to capture authentic moments. When I photograph my clients, I gently guide them into position as I’ve found direction always helps to put my subjects at ease a little bit. Once they are situated where I’d like them, I encourage them to relax and interact with one another. The result is beautiful. In these images I see two wonderful parents who are filled with love for their sweet little girl. What a treasure these images will be to her one day!


michaela-niagara-newborn-photographer_0050 michaela-niagara-newborn-photographer_0051 michaela-niagara-newborn-photographer_0052 michaela-niagara-newborn-photographer_0053 michaela-niagara-newborn-photographer_0054