Helaina | Fresh Life {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

A sweet little face, lots of rolls and lots of zzz’s from sweet little Helaina… Add to that her absolutely darling parents, and I wanted to keep this family forever! We had such a great time during Helaina’s newborn session and I’m so excited to show you the resulting images. Helaina’s parents truly recognized the importance of newborn photography, capturing this precious small space in time when she is truly tiny and new. I love the image arrangements they chose for their home and for their friends and family. Thanks so much for choosing Creative Clicks Photography as your photographer Mark and Danielle! I love when someone walks into the studio as a client and leaves as a new friend.









Nikola | Fresh Life {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

Nikola is possibly the most handsome little boy ever- combining that beautiful tan skin with huge eyes, long eyelashes and distinctly boyish features…he’s gonna be a heartbreaker! He was so incredibly good for his session as well- letting me pose him and snuggle with him a little as well~ enjoy some images of the handsome little man!

Yawning Newborn Baby Photograph

Newborn Baby Lashes

Newborn Baby Niagara Photography

Handsome Newborn Baby Boy Niagara Photography

Beautiful Newborn Baby Photography

Black and White Newborn Baby Photography Niagara

Professional Newborn and Family Photography Niagara

Emily | Fresh Life {Burlington Newborn Photographer}

This sweet, adorable, perfectly cheeky little girl gave me a run for my money! Do not let her big eyes and sweet cheeks deceive you- she made me work! But I completely loved every minute of her session, because not once did she cry. Oh no, she just wanted to sit and look around at the world around her, perfectly content. The shots of her wrapped on the tan blanket show her little personality so well, at 18 days of age! Love it!

Newborn Sibling Photograph

Awake Newborn Baby Photography

Macro Baby Toes

Niagara Newborn Photographer