{Niagara Newborn Photographer} Brody | Fresh Life

Meet Brody. This little man is blessed to have such proud parents who are so wonderfully devoted to him. One of the things I always notice during a newborn session is the way the parents handle their baby, especially if it’s their first child. Brandon and Ashley were so incredibly patient and sweet with their little guy, comforting him when he had an upset tummy during our first session. I am so happy that they were willing to come back another time to create some imagery of them together. These images are so beautiful and show great connection with the three of them as a new family.

Newborn baby boy sleeping black and white photography

Newborn baby boy posed awake and sleeping on cream blanket

Newborn baby boy in his mothers arms

{Niagara Newborn Baby Photographer} Grace | Fresh Life

Meet Grace, so calm and so beautiful. Even wide awake, she posed for me, content as can be. Mom and Dad were nearby, watching her with such incredible love and pride just pouring out from their eyes. And when Daddy picked her up when she was upset and danced with her, well I almost melted in a puddle right there.

Newborn baby girl sleeping on cream lace blanket in vintage bonnet

Beautiful newborn baby girl on cream organic lace

{St Catharines Newborn Photographer} Gemma | Fresh Life

On this particular morning, the studio was warm, cozy and filled with beautiful light. I was blessed to photograph newborn Gemma, as well as her handsome big brother Gavin. Although (like many 3 year olds) Gavin wasn’t all that interested in having a photograph taken with his new sister, his mommy tells me he just showers her with love at home. She is fortunate to have a big brother to watch out for her and protect her as she grows. And as she grows, the memories of new baby smell and tiny fingers waving in the air, snuggles and quiet coos will all become a distant memory for her parents. And then these photographs will be even more precious to this family of four. Simple, quiet moments. Beautiful treasured memories.

Newborn baby girl wrapped on cream blanket, St Catharines photographer

Newborn baby girl and big brother cream white organic newborn photography