{Niagara Newborn Baby Photographer} Lilah | Fresh Life

At four weeks old, this beautiful baby girl visited me in my Niagara, ON studio. She was a little more wakeful than a true newborn, but she was absolutely lovely to snuggle with all the same. At one point as I was holding her she snuffled her little face against my cheek- you know how they do that when they’re looking for food, but it feels just like they’re kissing you? It made my heart flip flop. How I miss those new baby sounds and snuggles. She was so sweet and I’m so happy we were able to capture these images for her to look back on one day. This is just a sampling of her gallery and I’m loving them in black and white today. Such a beautiful baby, comfortably posed, resting in the light, making her sweet baby sounds. It makes me happy.



{St Catharines Newborn Photographer} Austin | Fresh Life

How lucky you are my friends, to be blessed not once, but twice, with such beautiful baby boys.

It is a wonderful thing to be asked to photograph a newborn. Such a tiny and delicate human being, carefully carried in his mothers womb for 9 long months. For each of my clients to entrust their new little one to my care for their session- it’s an honor. But it’s an even greater honor when they ask me back- again, and again. It’s a joy to watch my clients and their families grow and I’m privileged to be a part of this time of change in their lives. Thank you for inviting me back to photograph your newborn son. Your trust in me is a beautiful gift.

Black and white newborn portraits

Beautiful newborn baby boy wrapped in soft organic grey wrap and bonnet

Sweet baby boy wrapped up sleeping peacefully

Beautiful mommy and baby newborn portraits


{Grimsby Newborn Photographer} Jace | Fresh Life

Baby Jace. Sleep sweetly little one. With two big sisters, I don’t doubt your days will soon be filled with play and dress up and all the things little girls like to torture little brothers with. For now, enjoy the quiet moments and sleep sweetly. Congratulations on your new addition Brad and Carol, on your first little boy. He is such a handsome little chunker and it was an honor to photograph him.

Chunky newborn baby boy sleeping on soft organic cream blanket

Sweet and natural newborn boy posed on cream

Newborn baby boy wrapped up in wooden driftwood bowl