Me & Mine | 3/13 {Niagara Baby Photographer}

This past month we were able to spend some time with Greg’s dad’s side of the family. We got together at Grandview Horse Farms in Fonthill, where Greg’s uncle lives and his cousin runs a horse barn. It was a beautiful day for February- mild, sunny, and nice enough that we could all spend a fair bit of time outdoors. We roasted hot dogs in the outdoor fireplace, went sledding down a leaf covered hill (no snow here!) and spent some time in the barn with the horses. Our girls have ridden on ponies a few times at fairs and such, but they are so terrified of all animals that we thought they likely wouldn’t ride them that day. They proved us wrong! They both LOVED their ride and talk about it all the time. This hasn’t cured them of their animal fear though- we still had to CARRY them past the little cats in the aisles of the barn! lol Kingston stared at the animals as if they were from a freak show. He has only seen a cat once or twice and I don’t think he’d seen a real horse before. It was kinda funny (and made me feel like a bad mumma!) We also got a family picture taken thanks to Steff! I think we’re getting a little bit better at this family picture stuff…When I mentioned to Greg that I’d chosen a theme that didn’t involve a family picture every month, I expected that he would be relieved. Instead, he was upset that he wasn’t going to be included! Apparently he likes the end result, just not what it takes to get said end result. So, that being said- here’s Me & Mine!

Family Photographer

My handsome hubby…

Black and White Photography

Little girl on horse

Horse riding

Little boy and barn cat

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Me and Mine | 2/13 {Niagara Baby Photographer}

Well this was fun. -10 degrees, a baby waiting patiently in the car and many, many on-lookers…but I’m so happy to have gotten this shot of me and my girls. It’s pretty much what I had in mind…and the girls were SO good! This was another self-timer shot- there’s some funny outtakes of me running back and forth! haha Who wears heels in snow and soft ground? Oh yeah, me.

Mother and daughters in the snow

Children in the snow

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Me and Mine | 1/13 {Niagara Child and Family Photographer}

In 2011 I made a resolution that I would capture at least one image per month with our whole family. I didn’t care if they weren’t posed, or if they were crooked thanks to unbalanced cameras, if there were some funny faces or crazy hair- I just wanted to be in some images with my hubby and kids! I wanted something for them to have in their albums, so that one day they could look back and remember this time in their lives, and also remember what Mumma looked like back then. And I did it! One per month. It was hard, very, very hard. I still always tried for a decent shot, which meant a lot of running back and forth between the camera and the kids. And time always seemed to get away from me. I would just post one image and next thing I know my calendar is telling me the next one is due! But I did it and I am so proud and happy I stuck with it! If you want to take a look back, you can see them all here: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. I think it’s so cool to see the kids growing, especially Kingston from a baby to a toddler!

So this year I decided to do something similar, but this time I’ll be doing it with a group of talented photographers around the world who will definitely inspire me to keep going and stay creative.¬† There will be 13 images-1 every 4 weeks. And instead of family images, I am going to capture Me and Mine. I am hoping to have some personal moments captured between me and my children and hubby but not necessarily everyone at the same time. There are moments every day that I treasure SO MUCH! I want to have them captured somewhere other than my heart’s mind.

Here is my first image – 1/13

Mumma and baby moment

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