Me and Mine | 6/13 {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

Woohoo! I’ve made it through half the year without missing a month! Although last months was admittedly a bit of a cop-out.

Anyways, this image was taken the day we attempted to take pictures of all 5 grandkids for Grandma for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately for Grandma, the attempt was just that. Apparently the kids just weren’t going to co-operate and we’re going to have to try again. I’m sure our hubby’s are going to be really happy with us 🙂 At least we got this out of it though! With this month’s craziness leading up to my sister’s wedding on this Friday (day after this post goes live- help!), I doubt I would have found another chance to get a shot of Me and Mine.

Thanks to Kev for making the kids laugh and Steff for taking the shot! xo

Me and Mine Family Photograph


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Me & Mine | 5/13 {Niagara Newborn Photography}

(No image as of yet…this one snuck up on me! But let me tell you that you’re definitely going to want to come back and check it out! I hope to have it posted by Sunday 😀 I’m so excited to show you what we’ve come up with for this month!)


OKAY, well clearly I am late for yet another thing. I did mean to post my image sooner- but life got in the way. I’ve been awfully tired, and awfully sick lately, but it’s all for a good cause 🙂 Introducing bebe #4! Yep, that’s right, we’re going to be a family of 6. I’m truthfully feeling a lot better this time around than I ever have before but Diclectin is still my best friend 🙂 I’m hoping the ‘morning’ sickness is less severe all around during this pregnancy, it certainly would be a nice change! We’re very, very excited. A December baby… We decided to tell everyone early as I was sick and getting behind in everything (wedding plans + client work + house work + everything else) and it’s just easier than trying to pretend. Please pray that this pregnancy is a healthy and safe one and that we may be blessed with a healthy child from God in due time. Oh, and I know I didn’t take this picture, but technically I AM in it 🙂

Ultrasound Image


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Me and Mine | 4/13 {Niagara Child Photographer}

Last year and again this year, Greg’s mom has taken all the girls in the family to Disney on Ice in Hamilton. It was amazing last year and this year was equally exciting! The girls just sit in awe, staring at the scenes unfolding on the ice before them. We had great seats this year as well! The girls dressed up in the new dresses I surprised them with that morning- they were just glowing with excitement! Grandma spoils her girlies- thanks for taking us Mom! Unfortunately she wasn’t up to going out for lunch (the nasty flu bug) so I took the girls out on our own- they shared a chocolate milk and we all had such a great time together! I feel so, so blessed to be able to have days like this with my kiddos!

Disney on Ice Hamilton

Sweet princesses

Me and Mine


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