Me & Mine | 9/13 {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

Woot! Only VERY last minute but I managed to get pics of me and all my babies for this month’s Me & Mine post! I am ever so thankful for this challenge, and the girls who are helping to hold me accountable to it. With my crazy busy life, the last thing I would have done this month is take a second to think about getting a shot with my kiddos. We went to African Lion Safari, and forgot…which would have been the easiest way to get in a nice shot. Instead, I set up my tripod and background in my studio this afternoon, slapped on some makeup and took my sweaty, dirty, mussed-hair children inside for some quick shots with Mumma and baby. In total, including the shots taken for setup, I got only 18 frames- but that’s all I needed. It turns out, lollipops work as VERY good bribery and doing only one child at a time is a LOT easier than trying to get a group shot, especially when you’re on a timer. All in all, I’m reasonably happy with these and I think my kiddos look perfectly adorable, even if I look overly…cheesy 🙂

My precious babies with Mummy

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Me & Mine | 8/13 {Grimsby Newborn Photographer}

Lately I’ve been taking Greg and the kids along to sessions whenever it’s going to be at a fun location. Port Dalhousie is not too far from us, and it’s full of fun things to do with kids:  a long pier to walk, lots of boats (for Kingston, who is obsessed), a beach to play at, a playground and best of all, a carousel. The carousel is only 5 cents per ride, and is totally the highlight of their time there. After my latest session, the sunset was absolutely amazing. The sky and water turned from soft pastels to a fiery red/orange/pink combination and people couldn’t stop staring and snapping pictures. Truly, God was displaying His glory that night. What a beautiful sight! I hardly feel like my images show the true beauty of it. I managed to get some shots of Kingston playing in all his sandy, dirty, drooling glory. He melts my heart.

Kingston Playing on the Beach

Our silhouette was taken JUST before the sun dipped over the horizon. I adore these people <3

Family Silhouette

Can you see my baby bump? Little bean is growing and kicking like crazy! I was about 19.5 weeks the first time Greg was able to feel him/her kicking and moving around, which again reminds me how amazing our God is! I can’t wait to meet this tiny life growing inside of me!

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Me & Mine | 7/13 {Niagara Children’s Photographer}

So at the very last minute I get a picture of Me & Mine… my sweet daughter Kyara graduated last night from Kindergarten. She looked SOOO pretty and was on top of the world! Unfortunately, by the time we got home she was also just about to crash from the huge sugar high that is goodie bags, treats and sugary juice. Rarely does this sweet girl melt down, but melt down she did. She had no interest in a picture for Mumma and I was so sad. At least I got this…with the ring pop, blue lips and grumpy expression. I’ll still treasure this moment for all time. Watching her cross that stage and receive her diploma, sing with all the other kids, and talk amongst her friends made me tear up many times. I am so proud of her and love her to bits!!! God has greatly blessed us with a sweet, caring and giving little girl who would do anything for anyone. I pray that she will continue grow in faith and always keep her sweet nature as she begins her journey through elementary school next year!

Daughters Graduation from Kindergarten

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