Me & Mine | 13/13 {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

So here we are, 13/13 Me & Mine posts. I’m sad to say, I did miss the 12/13 post, simply because life was insane trying to prepare for baby and finalize all my work, plus keep up with family life. Something had to go. Thankfully, all of that busyness came to a nice ending on Thursday evening, November 29th, as I shut down my computer at 10:30 pm, done pretty much everything I needed to do before baby arrived. Then at 2 am, Friday November 30th, I woke up in labor… fantastic timing this babe has! She was born into the world at 7:44 am, healthy and perfect in every way.

Just in time for the last Me & Mine post of the year- I’m so proud and happy to introduce Zion Jewel Donker. Blessing #4 for Greg and I, a sister to Kyara, Eden and Kingston. She weighed 6 lbs, 15 oz- our smallest baby yet. Life has been crazy and yet that much better since she has arrived. I have found a new peace… one that comes over me when I hold my new babes in my arms. I honestly believe that I am made to have newborns – I adore every single moment with her and I’m looking forward to staying indoors and cuddling all winter long! God has blessed us so richly!

Niagara Newborn Baby Photos

Newborn Photography Niagara

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Me & Mine | 11/13 {Niagara’s Childrens Photographer}

*sigh* I can’t let go of how annoyed I am by this picture…

Here’s our whole family, celebrating Thanksgiving weekend at the Vineland Fall Fair. If you’re a fan on Facebook, you know how much I love Vineland’s Fall Fair and this year did not disappoint me once again. It was a perfect day! I knew I needed a shot for this month and so I brought my camera and after cleaning up everyone faces (we’d just had our first ever Beavertail, and it was SO delicious!) I got up the nerve to ask someone to take our picture. I had chosen the location, right in front of the Beavertail wagon, which was framed with two beautiful maple trees. I mentioned to the very nice lady that I wanted the shot in front of the wagon to record this memory and yet when I saw her standing at the complete wrong angle, I did not have the guts to tell her to move, nor to ask someone else to do it later… So I guess it’s not the picture I’m annoyed by ( I mean, how CUTE is Eden’s face in this pic!!!), it’s really myself. I have no guts sometimes! Ah well, live and learn. Maybe I’ll be braver next time? One thing this image does do for me- what it’s supposed to do…remind me of a great day out with my beautiful, healthy and happy family. And for that I am grateful!

Vineland Fall Fair

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Me and Mine | 10/13 {Niagara Baby Photographer}

Bedtime routine. Either Daddy or Mummy (or both) in one of the girls beds with all three kiddos- vying for space, reading books, making memories. Precious memories.

Niagara Baby Photographer

p.s. this was shot with available light only… which happens to be one single chandelier lightbulb as the girls requested that all the other bulbs be ‘turned off’. I didn’t even run Noiseware on this- I love my camera!!!


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