Me & Mine | 3/12 {Niagara Baby Photographer}

I almost didn’t have anything for this month. It was 8 pm, and suddenly I remembered…Disney on Ice. There’s gotta be at least one (?!) of me in there! March is kinda a dull month for us… no Christmas, no snowmen, no fun outings…just dull. We didn’t do too much as a family BUT we always do Disney on Ice, thanks to my generous mother in law. And I always look forward to it for the girls sake…but I’m the one singing and dancing once we get there. Funny how our childhood memories come right back to us. I’m SO glad I handed the camera over to get at least one shot of me with Zion. She looked too adorable in her Cinderella dress (wish I remembered to take her hat off). This is always such a wonderful time for us girls, and I’m so thankful we have it together!

Me & Mine. Monthly Portraits with My Family Disney on Ice

Please visit Jayme Franklin | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer to see her take on me & Mine this month!

Me & Mine 2/12 {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

This month is going to be a belated image- I’m one hour from hopping on a plane to Canada after a 3 week vacation in Australia visiting my sister. I promise to post mine soon, but in the meantime, please visit Jules Trandem | San Diego Photographer. She is so incredibly talented and I’m sure that she’ll have some beautiful vacation photos to share this month!


Here’s a few of my favorite iPhone captures from my time in Aus with my mum, and two younger sisters. We had such a great time! These dorky images bring a giant smile to my face every time I see them! Miss you and love you Kai!

Beaching it in Aus

P.s  if this post is a mess, please excuse it 🙂 I’m writing it on my phone in an airport. Can’t wait to be home!


Me & Mine 1/12 {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

It’s a new year, and a lot has changed for our family since the beginning of 2012. We’ve all grown a little older, and little wiser and our family has grown by one as well. I’m thankful I was able to capture so many precious images in 2012, despite the challenges of a busy life, messy house, dirty faces… And so in 2013 I will continue with this tradition. I’m excited to document our family again, alongside some incredibly talented women who feel the same way I do about capturing images with MUMMA in them!

This month I’m sharing a little sweetness- photographed not by myself but by the incredibly talented Stephanie Robin Photography. She photographed myself and Greg with Zion when she was just 7 days old. I can’t put into words what these images mean to me. I had to wipe away tears as she set us up in this pose below and when I saw the images I couldn’t help myself from getting teary all over again. She did such an incredible job and I can’t wait to print these big! Thank you Stephanie, for this priceless gift you have given me!

It was so cool to be on the other side of the lens as well- helping me to understand just how a mother feels when she brings her new child to my studio and watches them being photographed. I think as a photographer, it’s always important to remember just how stressful/fun/exciting/nerve-wracking/terrifying/beautiful a session can be for my clients. I have a few maternity and newborn sessions booked for this spring already and I’m looking forward to building on their experience with my own!

Stephanie Robin Photography

Stephanie Robin Photography

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