Me & Mine | 6/12 {Niagara Baby Photographer}

11:33 pm. Exhausted and SOOO ready for bed, but my lovely friends reminded me that tomorrow is our day to post this month’s Me & Mine, and I won’t forget… my goal is to post one every single month, whether it’s a thought out moment captured with my camera or a crappy iPhone pic. This is how I hold myself accountable to being IN the pictures with my family. This week we are on ‘stay’cation. Just got home from an amazing time with my little family and I’m so proud of all of them. They are growing up so quickly and I treasure this time with them. These images were taken at the Niagara Aquarium and Martin’s Fantasy Island in Niagara Falls, NY. Both are awesome places for family trips with young kids and using my phone for pictures means I am able to be in the moment with them, rather than worrying about my camera!

Personal pictures taken on family vacation

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Me & Mine | 5/12 {Niagara Baby Photographer}

You don’t just smile- your face lights up. Toothy grins, dimpled cheeks and sparkly eyes. It’s irresistible. You rock my world little man. I love you!

Studio natural light backlit portraits mommy and son

Mommy and son photos

Backlit portraits in studio


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Me & Mine | 4/12 {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

Wednesday mornings is storytime at the library. A whirlwind of reading, singing, crafts, shushing, chatting, chasing and shushing some more. I leave and wonder why on earth I do this to myself, and by the following Wednesday I’ve forgotten so well that I go back again. Because all I can really remember is the smiles on their faces, their sweet giggles, their hugs when we get home and the chorus of ‘You’re the best mumma EVER”.

I’m so thankful I threw my camera in my bag this week and I’m more thankful for my dear friend Steff for taking these. XO


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