Project 12 March {Niagara Newborn Photographer}

This image was taken while on a walk on a beautiful warm Saturday. The first walk of 2011. We were so happy the snow was gone and that finally, spring was here! Today however, the snow has not stopped falling and we are in a white winter wonderland all over again! Ontario’s weather is always full of surprises, but I do enjoy living in a country with four completely different and beautiful seasons!

Learning to love the self timer 😛 If anyone has suggestions on remotes that work with a D700, I’d love ya forever. My cheapie remote does not work with this camera and I am not willing to go back to using my D70s anymore!

Niagara Family Photographyshot with my 24-70mm | f2.8 | 1/1250 ss | ISO 200

Edited to add: thank you to all those who donated to ShelterBox in response to my post on For Japan with Love. The last update on March 20th showed that not only did they reach their goal of $5000, they had already reached over $53,000. That’s over 530 people that will be receiving food, shelter and medical care through ShelterBox! Every little bit helps, so thank you!

Project 12- February {Niagara Family Photographer}

Soooo, late already huh?! Four weeks pass incredibly fast! Before I knew it, my calendar was already telling me that I needed to post my next image for Project 12 and I had nothing. The weather here has been cold, rainy and windy, which means we can only be indoors for family shots. Plus Greg has yet to be home in the daylight- if he is home, we’re running from one place to the next.

So after dinner tonight we got the kids in their jammies, laid on the kitchen floor and attempted some more self timer images using my flash. These are by NO means images that pass my normal standards, but beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, the challenge was not to have perfect images, but just something of all of us together. These memories will go in each of the kids albums and they’ll have something to remember these days by. If it wasn’t for this challenge, we’d likely only have family images at baptisms, weddings and the occasional family session.

I hope that this challenge will inspire others to take every opportunity to get in the picture together as a family. No more missing mommies!

Niagara Family Photographershot with my 24-70mm 2.8 | f4 | 1/60 ss | ISO 400

Project 12 – January {Niagara Family Photographer}

I’m not good at being on time really. Ask anyone. I have the very best of intentions but life gets in the way, and my head is always full of other thoughts and things to do and I forget, procrastinate, etc. So when the New Year rolled around and everyone began the Project 365, or Project 52, I just didn’t bother. I KNEW I wouldn’t be able to keep up, especially in the crazy months ahead. But I didn’t want to miss out completely, so I decided to do something different. Project 12 will be one image a month, of our whole family (me included!) doing whatever we happen to be doing. Capturing some memories of what our life is like now. I don’t want my children to grow up and look though the albums and not see anything of them with their ‘Mumma’.

So here’s #1 of 12…yes, it is a rough start. No-one wanted to co-operate! I wanted a picture of all of us snuggled on the couch for Friday movie night, but the kids were not happy I was getting in front of the screen while setting up and Greg- he just doesn’t like pictures. Plus he was just showered and says his hair looks like- well, you know what. Oh well. It’s still a memory right?! lol Besides, Kingston is waving!

Niagara Family Photographershot with my 50mm 1.4 | f 2.2 | 1/100 ss | ISO 6400

Gotta love the ISO capabilities of the D700- no flash necessary and this was a dark room with the exception of the light from the tv!