{Niagara Child Photographer} Zion is Three

My beautiful, funny, spunky little girl. Never have I known a child to do so many ridiculous things and look so cute doing it. I really thought after the first three children I’d seen it all but you have proven me wrong time and again. You’ve really perfected the art of destroying all the things that are neat or pretty or organized and still finding a way to make me laugh about it with your hilarious expressions and explanations.  I love you so much baby girl. Thank you for all the laughs and love and life you bring to this family. We couldn’t imagine even a day without your cheeky grin!

toddler in field in golden light toddler girl in field in golden light

Me & Mine | 11/12 {Niagara Baby Photographer}

My family. Loving, kind, thoughtful, helpful. I’m thankful to have married into this family and thankful to have these images to remember this time by. It goes by so quickly…

Monthly me and mine project

Visit Misty Setzler, Lubbock TX photographer, to see her take this month!

Me & Mine | 10/12 {Niagara Maternity Photographer}

Just the two of us. Date night. It was wonderful, magical, a momentary retreat from daily life. Time to reconnect, and enjoy each other, to remember who we are when we aren’t pushing strollers and carrying babies. Hey, we can hold hands! I forget sometimes, what that feels like. Because even when your heart and your hands are full and busy with the babies, it’s just so good to remember the way it was before they were part of our lives. When it was just the two of us.

Me and Mine personal post

I’ve been playing with VSCO cam presets on my iPad/iPhone pics. I kinda suck at them, but I do enjoy learning more about it! If you have any tips or secret sources for more information, let me know! 🙂


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