{St Catharines Maternity Photographer} Carol | Full of Life

On a warm summer evening, we traveled over the hills and through the fields of Balls Falls together. The setting sun painted the sky with the most amazing colors, a perfect backdrop for this adorable family of soon-to-be-5. I photographed Carol when she was expecting her very first little one and it’s an honor to be able to do so again, this time as they await their first little boy. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to watch these little families grow!

Expectant mother in long black dress posing with husband and daughters

Pregnant mother posing in long black dress in front of willow tree

Professional maternity portraits in long grass field

Professional maternity portraits on hill at Balls Falls, family together

Sunset silhouette of family together on hill maternity session

{Niagara Maternity Photographer} Miranda | Full of Life

Gorgeous golden sunlight peeking over the evergreens, warm air blowing across the vineyard, quiet whispers and soft laughter – these were the ingredients to this magical session. Stephen and Miranda have this incredible ability to get lost in each other, even with others present. After so many years together, they laugh and love and look into each others eyes and it’s as if they just fell in love yesterday. It is an honor to be a part of this moment in their lives. Thank you for trusting me to create this imagery for you to remember it by.

Expectant couple in their backyard at sunset

Maternity session in the couples backyard, quiet tender moments

Sunset maternity session in the vineyard

Rosanna | Full of Life {Niagara Maternity Photographer}

enchanted [ɪnˈtʃɑːntɪd]


1. under a spell; bewitched; magical
2. utterly delighted or captivated; fascinated; charmed


I was honored to be able to photograph the ‘enchanted’ dress by Baby in Vogue on my stunning client, Rosanna. The dress, the beach and the fading sunset combined with this gorgeous expectant mama made for incredible imagery. Rosanna was so in love with the dress that she opted to wear it for the majority of her session instead of her own outfits! It was a wonderful evening, anticipating the arrival of their little surprise.