{Niagara Maternity Photographer} Kristen’s Preview | Full of Life

The only world this babe knows is that within her (his?) mothers womb. She hears her voice, her laugh, she sleeps to the motion of her walks, dances to the music she listens to. In just a few weeks she will know a whole new world, experience her first hug, her first kiss. Her eyes will take in new faces and her fingers will wrap around Daddy’s. For now, safely, quietly, she is unaware. Her world is about to change. And so will theirs.


{Niagara Maternity Photographers} Teresa | Full of Life

Photographing mothers is one of the most important parts of my job.

It’s a life changing moment, becoming a mother. It’s a task in life that inevitably changes you, molds you, and often defines you. It’s a time in your life that drags and yet flies by.

And because of this speeding time, it’s important to have this moment photographed. So that one day her children will know that those wrinkles by her eyes- they are there because you made her laugh. And those hands that you hold now- they were always reaching out for you, holding you, wiping away your tears. And that heart that you know and love, that heart has been experienced every emotion under the sun and grown stronger because of it. I want her children to remember how it felt when she brushed their hair back from their eyes, to remember the joy they felt as she twirled them in the air, to remember the safety of her arms as she cuddled them close.

That is the intention behind my imagery- to capture the depth of love a mother has for her children.

Today I am so happy to share with you a session I’ve held close for quite some time. It was first featured over on The Motherhood Anthology and now I’m happy to share a few more of my favorites. Teresa’s maternity session was simple, with minimal posing, just natural moments captured as they interacted together. As a result, we were able to create images that show their connection and excitement to meet their new baby.



{Niagara Maternity Photographer} Melissa | Full of Life

Through a mutual friend, Melissa and I were connected and together we were able to create some beautiful portraits of her third pregnancy alongside her family. With one handsome boy and a beautiful little girl, the gender of the new child growing within her was going to remain a surprise. The children whispered and giggled, kissed mommy’s tummy and listened to see if they could hear the baby inside. So much love awaits this precious child, pure and honest. I absolutely love photographing the joys, the memories, and the changing of motherhood. It is a privilege to be a part of this time in their lives and create these lasting legacies for their family.