Provincial Image Salon {Niagara Baby Photographer}

Excited. Honored. Humbled. Blessed. Those are some of the feelings I recently had upon learning of my image scores in the Provincial Image Salon. Photographers are allowed to submit up to 4 prints in the Provincial Image Salon and I am honored to have received an Accepted on one image (score = 80-89) and Merit on each of my three other entries (score = 90-94). It was my first time entering a competition on this level and I learned quite a bit from the judges notes on my images.  Submitting images for assessment by your peers can be intimidating but it is also such an amazing opportunity for growth, for pushing yourself, continuously learning and refining your craft. Below are the four images I submitted this year. Many thanks to  all of my wonderful clients who give me the opportunity to create this imagery. It is always my wish to create images that will provide you with joy, happiness and wonderful memories, but beyond that, also providing the highest standard of creativity and professionalism. Above all, praises to my Heavenly Father, who created within me a desire and a passion for this art form.

Images Accepted and Merited in National Image Salon 2013

Newborn Safety {Niagara Newborn Baby Photographer}

Newborn photography has been a growing trend for a long time now, and with the beautiful images one can see online and on Pinterest, more and more people are joining in. I think it’s key to remember that these are BABIES, not little models used to create that new and amazing portrait. As we all know, each precious baby was carefully protected by their mother in the womb for 9 months, and both the mother and the photographer has a responsibility to ensure that this new life is just as safe during the newborn session as it was while in his/her mothers womb. Education is so important- both for the photographer and the client. No-one would allow an untrained, uneducated nurse to help deliver their baby, and so it follows that just 6 days later, they would not allow an untrained photographer handle their baby in a way that is less than safe. While new props and poses are fun and add a unique element to each session, it is so important that those images are created safely!

So, how can we learn? Please read this wonderful article on Niagara Newborn Photography. For photographers, we have also listed a number of professionals who teach newborn workshops, as well as reviews on a select few. You can find that article here.

Spreading awareness regarding newborn safety is important to me. You can read more on that here, and in this article by Tom Wilkinson of West Niagara News featured in November of 2012.

Niagara Newborn Photographer safety post

Why Choose a Custom Photographer?

When you buy a TV, you keep it for three years. When you purchase custom photography, you have it for at least three generations. What greater gift can you possibly give your child than beautiful imagery of their mommy and daddy awaiting their arrival? Or of their own very first days on earth? Images with his parents, siblings, of each sweet and perfect little detail that makes them who they are. Those are the things your child will grow up with. Those images will not be like toys that will be broken or discarded along the way, but cherished possessions.

Organic white maternity portrait in white bedroom
Working with your custom photographer is akin to going out for the evening to one of the top restaurants in town.
Sure, you can eat at McDonalds or KFC, or you can cook at home–but when you want superb food and excellent service, when you crave a luxurious experience, that’s not where you head.
You could buy a cheap pair of scissors and cut your own hair, but would you? Most of us wouldn’t trust our hair to anyone but a professional stylist. So thinking along those lines, who would you trust to photograph your newborn baby? Your little bundle of joy, less than a week old, should be handled only by someone who is trained and experienced in the art of newborn photography. That is a custom photographer.

Big bother cradling his newborn baby brother organic white cream style
Now, in this digital age where even our small children have cameras, photography has been devalued. Some people wonder: Why do custom photographers charge so much?
When you hire a custom photographer you start with individualized attention, move through the process with someone who truly cares about you and your family, and end up with photographs that make you weep and gasp out loud. Why? Because they capture your newborn in the most beautiful, relaxed and safe environment. They are able to capture that sweet little face, those perfect moments in-between, the raw emotion of a parent with their child, the new and incredible love of a family .

parents holding their newborn baby girl black and white photograph
And just as you aren’t paying just for the cost of ingredients when you go out to a fine restaurant, you aren’t paying for just a piece of photo paper when you purchase artwork from your custom photographer.
You are paying for everything that goes into getting you that piece of paper…all our education, our expertise, our experience and our equipment. You are paying for a license that allows you to display our stunning imagery in your home. You are paying for works that will be on your walls for decades to come, and become a treasured part of your family’s memories.

FYI, here’s how the timing breaks down for an average newborn session:
prepping gear/studio: 2 hours
shooting 1-4 hours; average 2 hours
downloading images: .5 hours
backing up images: .5 hours
processing your images: 3 hours
blog prep: 1 hour
communication with client (all): 3 hours
planning session: 1 hour
ordering session prep: 1 hour
ordering session: 2 hours
prepping order/retouching: 4-6 hours
ordering/packaging/quality checks: 2 hours
pickup meeting: .5 hours

TOTAL : 22.5 hours and up

As a photographer I can tell you that I will pour my heart and soul into each and every client, ensuring that they will receive the very best experience with Creative Clicks Photography. I want to make this event in their life memorable in the best way possible. I am thankful for each and every client who entrusts me with their photography needs- maternity, newborn or baby portraiture.

Organic Newborn Photography Baby Yawning