{Niagara Baby Photographer} Ezrah | Exploring Life

Sweet Ezrah Lee, who I like to think is named after me… 😉 She’s turning one today. It’s hard to believe one year has gone by since this little girl arrived into this world and our family. I’m so proud of Brendon and Maddy, seeing how they have raised her. She’s funny and charming and completely adorable, with that ‘wink’ and all that chub! I had to have her into the studio for a few images to capture this time. She didn’t nap and so it wasn’t a very long session, but we still got some images of her awesome personality. Enjoy.

ezrah-niagara-one-year-old-photographerezrah-niagara-one-year-photographyDaddy specially requested this little romper and it looks amazing with her blue eyes! But I also loved the bw conversion, so I had to share both!

{Niagara Child Photographer} Mine | Exploring Life

So blessed to call these beautiful souls my own.


{Niagara Baby Photographer} Kiran | Exploring Life

Bubbles, toes, airplanes and smiles. By the time your babe reaches 4 months, their personality is appearing and you can’t help but fall more in love each day with the person they are becoming. A little piece of you, so small and perfectly adorable. In the midst of exhaustion and utter lack of sleep, one bout of giggles washes your cares and worries away. Lay down with them, breathe in their sweet baby smell and hold their dimpled hands. There’s nothing purer than a baby’s love. Cherish it.