{Niagara Child Portrait Photographer} Kingston | Exploring Life

Ah, my sweet, sweet son. In only a few months I will have to stop calling you my best boy, my favorite son, my strongest little guy… Soon you will be training your new little brother how to grow strong like you, how to love your family as much as you do, how to play with trucks and cars and how to melt hearts. But there will never, ever be anyone else just like you. You have your own special place in my heart with your great big smile and sparkly eyes and gentle personality. I love you so much little buddy. I can’t even put it into words. Only God knows that tight-heart-squeeze feeling that brings tears to my eyes when I truly realize the blessings I have in front of me. I thank Him every day for filling my heart, my arms and my home with such beautiful, healthy children and each night I pray to Him above that He will protect you and your sisters and care for you every day of your life. He has given us four amazing years with you and we are so thankful. Happy Birthday little buddy. Love, Mumma





{Niagara Child Portrait Photographer} Eden | Exploring Life

My beautiful, sweet, imaginative daughter. You were so excited for your mumma/daughter date- to have your portraits taken and go out for a hot chocolate and donut. It’s a special birthday tradition we began a few years ago and it’s always exciting not only for each of you, but for me as well. A little one-on-one time, some wonderful conversations with my growing little girl, listening to that adorable way you talk and your giggle as you danced all silly- it’s good for my busy mumma heart to have some time to really soak you in. You are 6 now. You spend your days at school instead of singing to yourself playing Barbies on the playroom floor. I miss hearing you talk to your dolls and make up stories for each of them, but I know that it was your turn to grow up, go to school and now learn to read. You are entering a whole new world of imagination in books, and I love seeing that too! Thank you for being such a Mumma’s girl and always sticking by my side. I love you so much and thank God for you each and every day!

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{Niagara Baby Photographer} Connor | Exploring Life

It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate your little ones first year of life with a session to document just who they are at this point. In one year a child changes so much and those moments are fleeting, slipping between your fingers before you realize their importance. This family is special to me as their grandmother gifts them each with a session for their first birthday and I can’t imagine a better gift! At one, there is no toy more wonderful than a water bottle or your phone or keys. Take this chance instead to give them a gift they will keep forever. Please contact me at info@creativeclicksphotography.com for more information.

Meet Connor. He had just turned one when I took his portraits (although it’s terrible of me to admit, that was all the way back in April!) He was full of life and energy, and as soon as we had him still enough to take an image, he’d pop his thumb out of his mouth as his gums were hurting him, poor thing. I’m glad I was able to distract him with this little wooden duck I had in the studio. I was sure to include it in their prints package when their order was complete- it just seemed right that he should have it for his room after that.