{Niagara Child Photographer} Kyara | Exploring Life

My oldest daughter is now 8 years old. My initial thought is how that went so fast, how time flew by and how quickly she has grown. However, while editing her imagery I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed in quite some time. She is still so, so little. Yes, she is the responsible older sister to 3, almost 4 siblings. She’s reading and writing stories and helps out a lot. She’s developed her own likes and dislikes and can pretty much take care of herself. But look at that face, look into those eyes… that’s my baby girl right there. The one who made me a mother. She still needs me to snuggle her when she’s sad, she still wants to tell me all her stories and detail all the different Rainbow Looms she plans to make. She is still so small. At 8 she has so much life ahead of her, God willing. And I pray that I may always be her strength, her supporter and her comforter. I pray that she will always want to talk my ear off, that she will never lose her love of reading or her compassionate, caring nature. I pray above all that God will always protect her from pain and hurt in this life, that He will guard her gentle heart, that she may bestow her love on others. I love you sweet girl!


{Niagara Baby Photographer} Clara | Exploring Life

Beautiful baby Clara recently came to visit me in my Niagara, ON studio for her 5 month session. Mom had images of her oldest two children at 5 months, pushing up on their arms, and she really wanted to recreate that image with Clara for a wall arrangement in their home. She also hoped to capture some beautiful images of Clara to remember this fun and happy stage by. Clara made it easy- she was full of smiles for me and showed absolutely no stranger anxiety. We had the perfect image within a matter of minutes, and spent some time playing and snuggling and dressing up in beautiful handmade rompers by Baby in Vogue. These are just a few of my favorites from her session.

If you’re interested in scheduling a session for your little one, the sitting age is just perfect- they are not running around yet but have plenty of smiles and their personality is so fun and sweet! Contact me at info@creativeclicksphotography.com.



{Niagara Baby Photographer} Madelyn | Exploring Life

This sweet girl and her family are going through a lot right now. She’s been recently diagnosed with Sandoff’s disease and rather than growing in muscle and developmental skills, she has begun to deteriorate. You can read more about her story and the disease HERE. If you have the heart and the ability to donate even a few dollars towards their family, I would greatly appreciate it! Just a few dollars can make a difference, as we all know.

Her session with me was full of love and laughter and lots of snuggles as she quickly tired. I’m so glad we were able to capture these images while she is still the baby her parents will always remember… happy and sweet and full of love for her mommy and smiles for her daddy. Her blue eyes and little pouty mouth just melt my heart… Please remember their family in your prayers.