{Niagara Baby Photographer} Mommy & Ivy

When you look back in those old sticky photo albums stored in cupboards and living room shelves for the past 20-30 years, what do you see? Yellowed photographs, curled over time… Pages worn from being turned many times over the years… You probably see images of yourself over the years, through the stages of infancy to adulthood, through bad hairstyles and questionable outfit choices. Which images in your baby albums have the most meaning to you? Likely it’s the ones where you were with someone you loved. I have images of myself as a newborn in my great grandfathers arms. There’s my dad, fast asleep on the couch with me bundled up on his chest. It underscores to me the importance of BEING in the pictures! I mean, kids are adorable and we need images of them on their own but the ones your children will cherish the most are the ones that YOU are in!

I loved this one year session with Ivy and her mommy. The snuggles, the tickles, the quiet moments, the kisses, that tender hand on the cheek. This encapsulates everything sweet and perfect about one year olds relationship with their favorite person.

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Clothing borrowed from studio wardrobe




{Niagara Baby Photographer} Sawyer

Another beautifully styled organic session from the Illuminate Retreat… Sawyer is just one and she was absolutely adorable. Not yet walking, but full of smiles and she loved showing off all of her new little tricks. I love how these images capture just how proud Mama is of her beautiful baby girl and I can’t wait until the weather warms up enough that we can get back out into the fields and enjoy that warm golden sun!

sawyer-niagara-baby-photographer_0020 sawyer-niagara-baby-photographer_0021

{Niagara Child Photographer} Kyara | 9 years

Now that we’re halfway through March I find myself desperate to catch up on things that have fallen to the wayside. Editing and blogging personal pictures are the first thing to go when life gets busy, and since most of my kids are born in the busiest season of all (late fall, early winter) I find myself doing this each year… straggling. However, no matter how late it is, it’s better than no images, better than no letter at all. And so here we go.

My darling firstborn. How is it that you can be so much like me and yet we fight such a bitter fight? I look at you and see a reflection of myself, and I want so badly to help you through life. I can see you will struggle with many of the things I battled against and I want to protect you from all of those hurts. I want to wrap you up in a bubble, to give you a protective layer against every unkind word. You have a sweet, sensitive, caring and giving heart… and already it is learning to grow callous as you deal with rejection and pain. Growing up is so hard, especially as a sensitive girl. I pray every day that you will hold onto that sweet and caring heart, but that you will be strong enough to stand up for yourself as well. I pray that you will grow confident and always feel comfortable just being yourself. I pray that you will have wonderful friends who remain by your side your whole life long. I pray that you will always love God and that you turn to Him in every situation. Life is not always easy baby girl. I hope you always feel like you can talk to me but when you can’t, when it’s just too hard, talk to Him. He’ll always be there for you. Love, Mumma

kyara-niagara-newborn-photographer_0014 kyara-niagara-newborn-photographer_0015 kyara-niagara-newborn-photographer_0016kyara-niagara-newborn-photographer_0019 kyara-niagara-newborn-photographer_0017