A Beautiful Evening {Grimsby Family Photographer}

I absolutely love when I get to meet up with repeat clients and photograph their families as they continue to grow! It’s so fun to see the little ones mature, especially in this case- Miss Bree was only 5 weeks old the last time I photographed her! This time around it was family pictures- and although Ewan was not into it at ALL (although in his defense, it WAS really hot and I think all of us would have liked to be eating ice cream or swimming as well!)- we were able to capture some beautiful family images! Aaahhh, I just love them all! Love the connections between parents and children, the smiles, the laughter, and even the tears. It’s all part of being a family and as every parent knows- life contains no ordinary moments. Each and every moment must be captured and cherished. Children grow and change so quickly and there are so many things we will miss about the newborns, the busy one year olds,¬† the terrible twos and the emotional threes. One day the house will be empty, the kids will be grown and we will have time to sit and drink a cup of tea (without having to re-heat it!) and go through our albums of memories- captured forever. Then we will be ever so thankful that we did take the time to these things. What blessings children are!

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The Cherry Orchard {Grimsby Child Photographer}

Driving past a cherry orchard in Grimsby a few weeks ago, Kyara asked me- ‘what are all those people doing Mudder?’ (I LOVE that she calls me Mudder <3) I thought I would take them to the orchard one evening and let them pick some for themselves. We went quickly one evening after dinner- just the girls. They absolutely LOVED picking the cherries from the branches, and I loved their expressions, giggles, and excitement over each new discovery! I brought along a few things from my (chaotic) prop room, and when they were done picking the fruit, they took a little break and enjoyed some Coke (just a tiny bit- I don’t normally allow them to drink it!) It was such a fun, beautiful evening and there were some amazing memories made. Although life with kids may be absolutely crazy and challenging at times- I just adore having these little people around to keep the smiles on my face! We made sure to hit up McD’s for ice cream as well- a perfect end to the evening!

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The Perfect Portrait {Grimsby Family Photographer}

All the way back in November of last year, I donated a mini-session to the Winterfest auction for John Calvin Christian School in Smithville. One day our children will also attend there, and so anything we can do to support the school, we will! This family won this time around, and so we waited for warm weather and then met up in my fave location right in Grimsby. I was a little nervous, I’m not going to lie. Six young children? I was prepared with all kinds of tricks to get them to look my way and maybe even crack a few smiles. Little did I know- these kids were already perfect little listeners. They sat where I told them to, hugged, smiled, laughed and pulled funny faces (only when instructed!). They didn’t mind the mosquitoes and when they found a little snake in the field, they were so excited! (I was downright terrified!!!) I can’t believe what we were able to get in such a short time. Mom was looking for a beautiful portrait of their family and in the end, there were SO many, she had a hard time picking! Thanks for putting your trust in me to capture your beautiful family Brian and Leslie!

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